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Trenton Half MarathonWell, with my completion of the Trenton Half Marathon this past Saturday—my first-ever half-marathon—this year’s series of “Back in Training” posts comes to a close.

I finished the Trenton Half Marathon in 2:07:12, and my 10-mile split of 1:34:03 bested my 10-mile time in the 2014 Broad Street Run (1:36:21) by more than two minutes.

The course through Trenton, N.J., and Morrisville, Pa., is fairly challenging, with a decent number of inclines. There is one uphill road in Morrisville that kicked my ass when I ran the 10K race last year, so I was determined not to let it get the best of me again. This year, I eased up just a bit as I approached the turn onto that street and hit it hard. I blew by quite a few people at that point and, honestly, I felt great when I reached the top of that hill. It…

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