Mike Doughty – “Fort Hood”

Above is a video Mike Doughty shot for the song “Fort Hood” from his latest CD, “Golden Delicious.”

The song, which borrows its chorus from the musical “Hair,” is named after the base in Texas that has suffered the most casualties during the war in Iraq. On his blog, Mike Doughty asked fans to post the video wherever they could…

Bex Schwartz directed this video for “Fort Hood.” We made it together, without the record company, because we wanted to get a message out there, about young people whose bodies and minds are still being damaged in Iraq.

Actually, by posting it here, and making it available on YouTube, and embeddable, we’re bumming the record company out. They liked it when we showed it to them, and wanted to coordinate a whole marketing and radio campaign about it. We were going to wait, and let them do their thing, but I watched the primary last night, and hearing Obama and Hillary snark at each other while this terrible nightmare is still going on, I realized I didn’t want to wait.

It’s up at AOL Spinner right now, and soon will be on Stereogum; we’d be humbled and grateful if you guys put it on your profiles; we’d like to get our message out. Thank you.

Thank you, Mike!

Texas photos and videos

The Alamo

OK…I have a few minutes so I just thought I would post some photos and videos from my recent trip with my girlfriend to San Antonio (and Austin), Texas.

To start you out, above is a photo of The Alamo. Here are the rest of the photos.

And here are a couple of videos from the trip. This first one is of the Texas Cavaliers’ River Parade, which is held each year as part of San Antonio’s Fiesta.

The following video is a bit grainy, but about a minute into it, you will start seeing thousands of bats flying out from under their summer home underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin — a nightly ritual during the summer months.